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Get fit. Get strong. Get in shape. Have fun. We have developed a new individual and efficient teaching tool which allows anyone to learn the art of boxing.

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We provide contact and non-contact trainings to get you successfully into your best life shape – mentally, physically and emotionally. One of our pursuit is teaching beginners thoroughly the art of boxing.


More than just a common boxing place. We offer many contact classes for those who are interested in taking their boxing to a competitive level.


From beginners to advanced, our boxing classes include an unique blend of shadow boxing. Back-, stomac-workouts and body strength training.


Private lessons go perfectly for beginners to master the basics or for advanced to define the tuning skills.
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Our athletes might not be world champions in boxing yet, but they certainly are in their private life where they have to face new challenges every day.  The approach is the same!

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Check out our Youtube-Channel for more videos.
Check out our Youtube-Channel for more videos.
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Boxing trainings in general, not only provide a tremendous fitness, but also build up people self-esteem and confidence. Our P&S Concept Boxing values in teaching the art of boxing.  We provide a clean, safe and in addition, non-intimidating environment. Boxing is without doubt,  the world’s toughest, most humbling sport existing. Many young people are drawn to this sport, but soon learn that boxing means calmness, deep concentration and total mental discipline.

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For power punching you must put your weight into coordinating your legs, hip, abs, back.  Shoulders and arms have to work all in one perfectly together. This is really important for the muscles  used during punch motion and it helps supporting the stabilisation, movements and postures of the body.


Boxing is really an incredible mechanism of improved body composition. It combines perfectly muscle building up, strength, training moves,  calorie torching and bouds of cardio. On a regular training participation, your body will soon experience some fantastic and significant changes.


Boxing without doubt, the world’s toughest, most humbling sport existing. Many young people are drawn to this sport, but soon learn that boxing means calmness, deep concentration and total mental discipline.

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Boxing, more than any other sport, can greatly function as a life metaphor. Boxing can improve your life for good!